My name is Denis Vilensky. The history of my passion for audio technology goes back to the distant past. In 1985, while still a schoolboy, I met a group of enthusiasts who studied the phenomenon and manufacturing technology of the famous bell bowls. From communication with them, I learned that the Universe and the material world have a complex wave nature, and the same music, being played on different devices, either "gives" energy or "takes it away". Later, I began to find numerous confirmations of this in personal practice and experiments. ​


I am currently open to collaborations with individuals, designers and architects. Thanks to this, I am ready to offer sound reproducing equipment that best meets the characteristics of your individual sound perception and the highest requirements for integration into the visual space of residential and office premises. With my direct support, you will be able to choose new or vintage speakers, new or vintage amplifier, as well as hi-fi and hi-end accessories for yourself, your friends and business partners.

Welcome to cooperation and friendly communication!